Special Muses Program FAQ

Program overview

What is the Special Muses Program?

The Special Muses Program is the loyalty program of SOPHIA MAE that rewards our special muses with amusing products and exclusive benefits on future purchases. Anyone can join the Special Muses Program and start collecting Karma Points. All you need to do is create a SOPHIA MAE account.

What if I already have a SOPHIA MAE account?

If you have already created a SOPHIA MAE account, you're automatically in the program and can start earning Karma Points.

If I subscribe to your emails, does this mean I'm signed up for the Special Muses Program?

Subscribing to our emails doesn't automatically enroll you into the Special Muses Program, but you do get Karma Points for subscribing to our newsletter. To join the Special Muses Program, simply create an account.


Earning Karma Points

How do I earn Karma Points?

There are various ways to earn Karma Points. Every time you shop with us or get social with us, you will receive Karma Points. Read more about it here. To earn Karma Points on purchases, make sure you are signed in to your account on our webshop before completing your purchase.

What happens to points earned if I return a purchase?

Karma Points earned on a returned product will be deducted from your account. Your Special Muse tier status may be affected as a result as well. 

Can I combine accounts to transfer Karma Points?

Unfortunately, we are unable to combine accounts or transfer Karma Points. Please sign in with the same account before you check out for each purchase.

Where can I see how many Karma Points I have?

Sign in to your account to see your Karma Points balance.


Using Karma Points

How do I use the Karma Points?

You can redeem your Karma Points as soon as you have accumulated 200 points. Sign in to your account, visit our Karma Points page, and choose which eligible amusing product you want to redeem for your next purchase. 

Do my Karma Points expire?

Your Karma Points expire 12 months after your last purchase. 


The Special Muse tiers

What are the tiers and how does it work?

SOPHIA MAE's Special Muses Program has three tiers, based on qualifying spend. Each tier offers certain special benefits. The tiers are:

Muse: €0-€119 spend

Majestic: €120-€239 spend

Goddess: €240+ spend

How do I qualify for a tier?

All new members of the Special Muses Program start in the Muse tier and will move up when they meet the next tier's qualifying spend. You need to be signed in to your account when you make purchases in order to get credit toward your tier status.

When you move into a higher tier, you will be in that tier for one year from the date you qualified for that tier, unless you meet that tier or a higher tier's qualifying spend again within that year.

Where can I see what tier I'm in?

Sign in to your account to see what tier status you're in.

Does my tier status expire?

Your Special muse tier status will expire one year from the date you qualified for that tier unless you meet that tier or a higher tier's qualifying spend again within that year.


Leaving the Special Muses Program

How do I leave the Special Muses Program?

If you would like to leave the Special Muses Program, please send us an email via cs@sophia-mae.com and we will close your account. Please note, you will lose all Karma Points that you have earned when we close your account.

What if I want to rejoin?

You can easily rejoin at any time by creating an account again. However, your Karma Points balance will restart at 0 Karma Points.