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Eternal Balm | SOPHIA MAE by Monica Geuze


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Majestic Texture | Monica Geuze | SOPHIA MAE


In this blog post, Monica Geuze, the founder of SOPHIA MAE, and Product Development Manager Manon Willemsen take you on a journey from the first concept to the creation of our latest edition of the SOPHIA MAE collection: the Majestic Texture. Here they delve into the inspiration behind the Majestic Texture, the choice of fragrance notes and what makes the product unique.

How did the idea of the Majestic Texture come about?

We already had the Majestic Mist in our collection, which quickly became an absolute bestseller. We noticed that we used the Majestic Mist often. Not because we didn't wash our hair for days, but mainly because of the volume it created. Then the idea arose: why not create a hair solution entirely dedicated to volumizing your hair?

How was the scent determined and which fragrance notes were used?

The saying "Never change a winning team" applies here. We were so in love with the scent of the Majestic Mist that we decided to add the same enchanting scent to the Majestic Texture. The fragrance notes of the Majestic Texture are a rich blend of patchouli and neroli, just like the Majestic Mist.

Can you tell us more about the production process of the Majestic Texture?

The Majestic Texture has been in development for more than a year. This is because we wanted to be absolutely sure that this product would be perfect. The production process required great attention to detail, testing and fine-tuning to ensure that the Majestic Texture would be of the highest possible quality. 

What makes the Majestic Texture different from the Majestic Mist?

The Majestic Texture focuses exclusively on creating volume and extra texture, without the function of a dry shampoo. It is designed to give your hair a boost and make it look amazing all day long.

How do you use the Majestic Texture?

Start by shaking the bottle well to mix the formula. Hold the bottle at a distance of 20-25 cm from your hair and spray the Majestic Texture evenly through your hair. The spray will immediately improve the texture and volume of your hair. All you have to do after applying the Majestic Texture is run your fingers through your hair to create your desired look. 


Introducing: the Majestic Texture! Our brand new texturizing spray with the divine scent of the Majestic Mist designed to achieve a textured and voluminous look 🤍

♬ origineel geluid - SOPHIA MAE

Can we expect more products in the Majestic line in the future?

We definitely have plans to expand our Majestic line, but we don't want to reveal too much yet. Keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest exclusive updates on this line and other upcoming product launches.

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