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Limited edition SOPHIA MAE Magazine 2024


In this journal post, the founder of SOPHIA MAE, Monica Geuze, together with Manon Willemsen, Annelotte Heutz and Machteld van der Does, take you through the creation of our limited edition SOPHIA MAE Magazine. This is everything you need to know about our very first exclusive magazine — from how the idea originated, how the concepts came together, all the way to how the magazine was designed and the moment of printing. This was our most special project so far.

How did the magazine idea come about? 

The idea started at the beginning of 2023. For SOPHIA MAE DAY 2024, the day we celebrate our two-year anniversary, we wanted to offer something special. The idea arose to do this in the form of an exclusive magazine: a deeper look into the world of SOPHIA MAE. From behind-the-scenes images from photo shoots, and never-before-seen content, to insights from SOPHIA MAE's team.

SOPHIA MAE's exclusive magazine 2024

How did the development of the magazine start? 

The development started with a team meeting in which each team member shared a personal mood board, with the vision of what their ideal magazine should look like. These ideas were combined into one extensive mood board, after which we translated them into concrete articles. For each article we analyzed whether it needed images and what type of images would be most suitable. Concepts were developed and photo shoots were planned.

Our writer started working on the articles and we reviewed each article until it was perfect. After six months, the images were merged with the text. During the process, several articles were dropped, there were images that didn't make it, and we had to deal with last-minute adjustments. 

Apart from the content, we had to pay attention to what the design of the magazine should look like. The choice of the cover, the type of paper, the finish, the binding method, and so on. We are now almost full-fledged experts in the field of magazines, but all these terms were completely new to us initially.

What were the biggest challenges?

In addition to considering all the technical specifications of a magazine, it was a challenge to fill a 140-page magazine. Ensuring coherence between articles and aiming to consistently surprise the reader on every page with fascinating insights from SOPHIA MAE was a top priority.

First SOPHIA MAE Magazine 2nd Anniversary Edition

Are there things that exceeded your expectations?

First and foremost: the end result, which exceeded all expectations. Just like developing new products, it started with an idea and that idea became a reality after months. With the magazine this was extra exciting because there were no real 'sample rounds' of a paper version of the magazine, something that does happen when developing a new product.

Secondly, seeing all of our 'loose ideas' come together was a great achievement.

Monica Geuze Exclusive: dive into the world of SOPHIA MAE and self love in this limited edition SOPHIA MAE Magazine

What are your fond memories during the process?

The brainstorm session with the whole team was an amazing experience. Then the shoots, the feedback and writing sessions. Finally we had a 'wall session' where we hung the entire magazine on the wall for the first time, which was very impressive to see. Uploading the magazine at the very last minute on Friday night - just before the deadline - is also at the top of the list.

What can the reader expect from this first magazine?

A magazine in which the team and Monica take the reader into the world of SOPHIA MAE. Interviews with muses and experts, exclusive content, personal stories, and a number of yet-to-be-launched products. The design makes this magazine a beautiful collectors item and a divine addition to your interior.

Monica Geuze in wedding dress for SOPHIA MAE Magazine 2024

What feeling do you hope the reader has while reading?

We hope that the reader experiences the magazine as we originally envisioned it: as something special that reflects our appreciation for you. You will be taken on a journey into everything we stand for and what we consider important. We hope to inspire you with every page you turn.

Are there any plans in the pipeline for a second magazine?

We think the number '1' on the back reveals the answer to that question.

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