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Eternal Balm | SOPHIA MAE by Monica Geuze


Nurturing balm



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Velcro hair rollers for effortlessly voluminous hair

Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to beautiful hair that lasts all day long with the Roller Rendez-Vous set maxi. The soft and gentle velcro rollers will give you voluminous and bouncy hair in an instant, leaving you with a salon-quality hairstyle from the comfort of your own home. The velcro rollers work by gently gripping onto your hair without pulling or damaging it, ensuring that your hair stays healthy and beautiful after every use. 

To create an alluring look that lasts all day, simply blow-dry your hair with a round brush, divide your hair into sections, and add a velcro roller to each section. Secure the velcro rollers with our Precious Pins for optimal results. Wait for your hair to cool down before taking the rollers out and you will be left with effortlessly beautiful, voluminous hair time after time. 

The Roller Rendez-Vous set maxi comes in a pack of 6 velcro rollers that measure 6,4cm in diameter.

  • Gentle for your hair.
  • Gives you salon-quality hair effortlessly.
  • Complements the Precious Pins perfectly.