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Comfortable workspace with Monica Geuze

How to create a comfortable workspace

Creating pleasant moments for yourself is not only important when you have free time, but a work environment that feels comfortable also contributes to a positive feeling. It helps you refocus, providing an ideal environment. The place must be functional, but it is equally important that it inspires you and offers you comfort.

In this journal post we take a closer look at how to create a workplace that transforms into an oasis of efficiency and positivity.

The basics

Always ensure there is plenty of natural daylight, which not only illuminates your workspace but also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Invest in comfortable and stylish furniture to make your workplace cozy and ensure an ergonomic office setup. Give your space a personal touch by adding office decor such as photos, artwork or plants, creating an inspiring environment. During the day, don't forget to get up regularly, pour a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy a few moments of relaxation to boost your energy and creativity continuously.

Luxury scented candle Rosa SOPHIA MAE

Set the mood

Our scented candles are ideal for creating an atmosphere in every room of your home that suits your mood. Do you like sensual scents and beautiful, luxurious scented candles? We recommend Aphrodite scented candle. Artemis scented candle brings a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere that gives energy, while Rosa scented candle is sweet, floral and romantic. Hestia scented candle creates a cozy atmosphere that you won't want to leave and A Night With Asteria scented candle reminds you of loving moments with special people, making you feel right at home.

Organize your essentials

A tidy workplace means a clear mind. Therefore, make sure you have a place to store all your office essentials, so that you can navigate between your tasks easily and without distractions. Our Beauty Bag serves not only as a makeup bag, but also as a case to keep pens, USB drives and other essentials organized. This not only creates a tidy workspace, but also ensures clear thoughts.

A place for your thoughts and creativity

When creating your ideal workplace, it is nice to have a place where you can express your thoughts. This is where our Notebook comes into play. This linen notebook helps you organize your daily work. Whether it's jotting down new ideas, capturing inspiring notes or simply writing down your to-do list, the Notebook by SOPHIA MAE is the perfect place for your thoughts.

Luxurious beige coffee mug SOPHIA MAE

Creating a moment of tranquility

Having your favorite drink within reach is sometimes all you need to boost your productivity or just relax. The Musing Mugs look beautiful on your desk due to their stylish design. These beige ceramic coffee mugs will remind you to take a 'Switch-Off' and a 'Relax, Refuel and Reflect' moment every now and then. For those unavoidable moments when you are 'Not in the Mood', the Moody Mug is ready for you. Would you rather work undisturbed? Then use the Courage Cup from SOPHIA MAE. This stylish and reusable to-go coffee cup is ideal for keeping your cold drinks cool and your hot drinks warm.

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