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Mystic Escape eau de parfum SOPHIA MAE

Story behind the scent: Mystic Escape eau de parfum

A magical evening, an escape from the ordinary and an irresistible attraction that flows around you like a sensual glow, that is what our latest eau de parfum, Mystic Escape, entails. Our founder Monica Geuze and product development manager Manon Willemsen, delve into the inspiration behind the perfume, the choice of fragrance notes, the feelings that Mystic Escape eau de parfum evokes and what distinguishes it from our other eau de parfums: Aura and Golden Mirage.

How did SOPHIA MAE come up with the idea of Mystic Escape eau de parfum?

The idea behind Mystic Escape eau de parfum arose from the need to create a scent that would perfectly match the atmosphere of the winter months. We were looking for a sultry and mysterious perfume, inspired by the magical and almost elusive feeling of the winter season. When people think of a winter perfume, they often think of spicy scents, but we wanted to go for something sweet.

Mystic Escape eau de parfum SOPHIA MAE

Why is the eau de parfum called Mystic Escape?

The name Mystic Escape perfectly reflects the nature of the scent. It is an intriguing perfume that promises an escape from the ordinary. You can't quite put your finger on the scent, which makes it mysterious. The sultry notes of the perfume fit perfectly with this name and the feeling of an adventure full of possibilities.

What makes Mystic Escape different from Aura and Golden Mirage?

Where Golden Mirage eau de parfum and Aura eau de parfum smell a bit lighter, Mystic Escape eau de parfum has a more intense scent. It is very suitable as an evening fragrance, although it can also be worn during the day. Mystic Escape eau de parfum has the same fruity note as Golden Mirage eau de parfum, but it fits better into the fragrance family of Aura eau de parfum, thanks to the added musk and amber. This makes Mystic Escape eau de parfum a very attractive scent that you will not get enough of.

Can you tell us more about the fragrance notes from Mystic Escape?

Mystic Escape eau de parfum has a sensual blend of rose, bergamot, vanilla and musk, making it sweet, sultry, floral and a little bit spicy. What makes it different is the scent of raspberry, which you don't immediately recognize.

Mystic Escape reminds you of the feeling of a night out where you get dressed up and have your hair and makeup done. Suppose you have met your friends in a chic cocktail bar and you want to steal the show; then Mystic Escape eau de parfum is the perfect scent to use.

Why was this scent ultimately chosen?

After extensive testing of various scent combinations, this combination met all our expectations and requirements. It is a mix of sultriness, mystery and the sweet notes that we wanted to keep from Aura eau de parfum, but it still smells completely different. This resulted in a perfect balance for Mystic Escape eau de parfum.

Mystic Escape eau de parfum SOPHIA MAE

What feeling should Mystic Escape evoke?

Mystic Escape eau de parfum is intended for those moments when you want to get all dolled up and experience that extra touch of self-confidence. It gives you the feeling that you can take on the world and that you will not let anything hold you back. Mystic Escape is an eau de parfum that will immerse you in the magic of the night, where everything is possible and no adventure is too crazy.

Are there specific settings for which this perfume is perfect?

Absolutely. Mystic Escape eau de parfum is perfect for a night out at a luxury restaurant or a first date. It is a perfume that impresses. You might be less likely to wear it on a weekday at work unless you want everyone to sit next to you all the time. Mystic Escape eau de parfum is truly irresistible.

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