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Eternal Balm | SOPHIA MAE by Monica Geuze


Nurturing balm



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Discover thoughtful gifts for him and her curated by SOPHIA MAE


Gifting Season is in full swing, and to help you find your way through the jungle of gift options, the SOPHIA MAE team has joined forces to compile our favorite gifts for this festive period. From luxurious perfumes to gifts that make you glow, everything is covered in our ultimate holiday gift guide.

SOPHIA MAE | Gifts for him and her | Gifting season

Monica, founder of SOPHIA MAE 

My favorite holiday gift is undoubtedly our latest release, Mystic Escape eau de parfum: the third eau de parfum in our collection, which will be available soon. It’s a very sensual, feminine scent that is perfect for winter evenings. If you're looking for a holiday gift in a different price range, I can also recommend our Serene Symphony foaming shower cloud. However, be warned, you might never want anything else afterward. The foaming shower cloud has such a soft texture that, for me, it's the only way to go.

Manon, Product Development Manager

I love perfume and have built up quite a collection. However, my collection was missing a beautiful, slightly heavier gourmand scent for winter. As a product developer, there's nothing more enjoyable than creating a new fragrance that fits this description perfectly. That's why Mystic Escape eau de parfum is my favorite fragrance for winter. I can already reveal that I've tested the perfume, and every time I wore it, I was asked about the captivating scent. Besides being a delightful fragrance, I find perfume to be the best gift during the holidays. It's also a great gift for yourself, simply because you deserve it! A fun tip: despite its sweetness, it's a unisex scent (and in my opinion, we should normalize sweet scents for men too). So, you can also gift Mystic Escape eau de parfum to your partner or male best friend.


Stanley, Co-founder & Managing Director

The holiday gift I'm giving to many people this year is the Serene Symphony foaming shower cloud. I want the people around me to have a delightful moment for themselves with this foaming shower cloud. The best ideas and insights always come to me in the shower, and I believe this product contributes to that experience: at least, that's the case for me. Additionally, the bathroom continues to smell fantastic long after showering, allowing you to enjoy the scent even longer.


Shower foam SOPHIA MAE  | Gifts for him and her  | Gifting season

Demi, Customer Care

My favorite holiday gift is the Flawless Glow Bundle, containing the Goddess Glow and the Kabuki Brush. The glow that Goddess Glow gives you is a sparkle and shine that everyone deserves during the festive December month; no party is complete without it! Apply the Goddess Glow with the fantastic Kabuki Brush, which you can easily carry in your bag for a glowy touch-up. Make it a December to remember with the Flawless Glow Bundle!


Flawless Glow bundle by SOPHIA MAE

Rosalie, Product Development Coordinator 

My favorite holiday gift is the Eternal Balm! Especially as the cold temperatures approach, there's nothing as comforting as a soothing balm that is also multifunctional. I use the Eternal Balm for my lips, face, and even dry spots on my hands. Sometimes, I even use it as an extra glow over my makeup. Besides leaving a wonderful feeling on your skin, it smells really nice and luxurious, yet subtle. The Eternal Balm has truly become indispensable in my handbag.

Djuna, Management Assistant & PA 

My favorite Holiday Gift is definitely the Eternal Balm! With this product, you can make everyone happy. Young, old, female, male: everyone can benefit from this nurturing balm. Now that winter is approaching, I notice that I use the Eternal Balm even more. It's a great product to apply to the dry spots on your hands, and I also like to use it for my dry lips. That's why I love making friends and family happy with it.


Eternal Balm | Gifts for him and her | SOPHIA MAE gifting season

Annelotte, Project Coordinator 

My favorite gift for this holiday season is Aura eau de parfum: it’s fun to give and to receive. Aura eau de parfum is a must-have in my perfume collection, and I find that both I and my boyfriend (a great tip is to also give to your partner) always reach for this perfume. In short, it's a beautiful gift to ask for and to give.


Aura eau de parfum SOPHIA MAE

Evi, Project Coordinator 

A good hair day equals confidence for me, so how great is it to give that feeling of confidence to someone else? That's why Majestic Mist is my favorite gift that should be on every wish list this holiday season.


Roos, Sales

I was already a Majestic Mist fan, but with this product, I think I have a new favorite: Majestic Texture! It creates incredible volume and also adds extra texture to the hair, making you walk around all day as if you just came from the hairdresser. I love it!


Majestic Moment Bundle SOPHIA MAE

Machteld, Allround Marketer

My favorite gift is the Discovery Set: it's the perfect gift to give and also very enjoyable to receive. The packaging itself is already a party, not to mention the content. With the four mini scented candles in the scents Aphrodite, Artemis, Rosa, and Hestia, you introduce the lucky recipient to different candles, making it easy for them to choose their favorite. The mini candles also look adorable in your home, and with this set, you can give each room a different scent.

Millie, Allround Marketer

The Discovery Set is my personal favorite, a gift that I immensely enjoy myself and at the same time an ideal present to spoil a loved one with. It's simply the perfect luxury gift, and you can't really go wrong with it.

This carefully curated collection of four mini scented candles is not only a feast for the eyes but also for the nose. With four unique scents, you can choose the perfect fragrance for every mood. These four mini scented candles from the Discovery Set transform your living room, bathroom or bedroom into a haven of serenity. Moreover, the packaging of the set is a gift in itself.

Sheila, Content Marketer

The gifting season has begun, and for me, the Discovery Set is the perfect gift for the holidays! This allows the person receiving the gift to discover both SOPHIA MAE as a brand and immediately enjoy the delightful scent of our candles. Moreover, there's something for everyone, and let's not forget the packaging. With the Discovery Set's packaging, you don't need additional gift wrapping; truly chef's kiss! 


Discovery set | the perfect gift during gift by SOPHIA MAE | Gifting season

Sophie, Copywriter

The Blissful Night bundle with the Two-Sided Pillowcase and Eos laundry perfume is at the top of my wishlist. After the busy holidays, there's nothing better than stepping into a bed with beautifully scented sheets and resting your head on a silky pillowcase that also keeps your skin and hair beautiful. Ending my evenings by filling the pages of my Gratitude Journal is also a resolution I've set for myself, so it absolutely cannot be missing from my wishlist.


Gratitude Journal by SOPHIA MAE

Veerle, Customer Care

The temperatures are dropping again, and that means lighting all the candles in the evening! The dark evenings are the perfect opportunity for me to burn my Hestia scented candle. Hestia is truly my favorite scented candle, and I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed such a wonderfully soft, woody scent more. For me, Hestia really creates a cozy home, and I recommend everyone to give it to their loved ones or themselves. Hestia scented candle should never be missing from your collection.

Ivanka, Finance

Although there are several favorites on my list, my favorite holiday gift by far is the Hestia scented candle. The scent and color are perfect for this time of year. I love the look of the candle, and the scent helps me completely relax. It's perfect to take a moment for myself during the busy time, and I quickly forget the autumn/winter blues!

Maite, Marketing Intern

I love the cozy atmosphere during colder days, and what could be better than snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and lighting a candle with a wintery, warm scent. The Hestia scented candle perfectly complements that cozy feeling, making it a truly perfect gift. Besides filling the room with a delightful, calming scent, it also looks beautiful in your interior, and even after burning, you can continue to enjoy it by using the glass for organizing your makeup brushes, pens, or as a flower pot!


Hestia scented candle SOPHIA MAE

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